About Us


Residents of Wings of Freedom are required to embrace a new model of living, a model that depends not on the weakness of the flesh… but on the strength of the Spirit. Wings of Freedom combines Celebrate Recovery, a Christian based 12-Step program, Christian education, peer accountability, church services and mentoring to plant individuals deeply in a sober life with Christ.

Wings of Freedom uses a variety of proven resources to aid in our residents' recovery.

  • Church- Residents are required to attend Christ-based church services at least once each week.
  • Celebrate Recovery- This Christ-centered 12-Step program developed and proven as a spiritual guide to recovery is a weekly requirement.
  • Support Group- Residents are required to attend a Friday night support group.
  • Employment- Being meaningfully employed and fiscally responsible is a foundation of our program and a key piece of preparedness for a sober, productive life.
  • Pay Program Fees- Residents are required to pay program fees based on their living requirements. Once off intake status, residents can choose to share an apartment with a roommate or rent an apartment on their own.
  • Stay Clean & Sober- Residents are required to submit to random drug and alcohol testing. Testing is conducted as both a deterrent and in cases of suspected use.



Wings of Freedom currently operates in 4 apartment complexes totaling 107 one and two bedroom semi-furnished units. Units are available for men, women, and families.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whats my Next Step?

Set your mind on being sober. Residents must be able to give a clean urine analysis before entering the program. Contact our Program Manager, Barbara Foster, for an application. Contact information is provided on this website. Once your application has been received and reviewed, an interview will be set up.

What about transportation?

Each apartment complex is located on or near public transportation routes. Transportation is provided to and from God's Shining Light Church for services and meeting which are program requirements.

Will you help me find a job?

A variety of help is provided to you, based on your needs, such as resume writing, interviewing skills training, and job leads of employers who are willing to hire our residents will be provided to you, however, we cannot provide or guarantee employment.

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